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Contains optimized mathematical functions for matrix and vector calculations.


function AcMatrix_Proj_Perspective
(const fovy, aspect, zNear, zFar: double): TAcMatrix;
function AcMatrix_Proj_Ortho
(const left, right, bottom, top, zNear, zFar: double): TAcMatrix;
function AcMatrix_View_LookAt
(const Pos, Dir, Up: TAcVector3): TAcMatrix;
function AcQuaternion_MultVector
(const AQuat: TAcVector4; const AVec: TAcVector3): TAcVector3;
function AcQuaternion_Mult
(const AQuat1, AQuat2: TAcVector4): TAcVector4;
function AcQuaternion_Conjugate
(const AQuat: TAcVector4): TAcVector4;
function AcCullAABB
(const ABox: TAcAABB; const AFrustrum: TAcFrustrum): Boolean;
procedure AcCalcFrustrum
(const AViewMatrix, AProjMatrix: TAcMatrix; var AFrustrum: TAcFrustrum);
function AcPlaneDotVec3
(const APlane: TAcPlane; const AVec3: TAcVector3): Single;
function AcMin
(a, b: Single): Single; inline;
function AcMax
(a, b: Single): Single; inline;
procedure AcVecMinMax
(var ABox: TAcAABB; const AVec: TAcVector3; AInit: Boolean);
procedure AcBoxMinMax
(var ABox1: TAcAABB; const ABox2: TAcAABB; AInit: Boolean);
function AcMatrix_Invert
(AMatIn: TAcMatrix; var AMatOut: TAcMatrix): Boolean;
function AcTriangleRayIntersect
(const ATriangle: TAcTriangle; const ARay: TAcRay; out ADist: Single): Boolean;


: function(const amat1,amat2:TAcMatrix):TAcMatrix;
Multiplies two matrixes and returns the new matrix
: function(const amat: TAcMatrix; const avec: TAcVector4): TAcVector4;
Mutiplies a matrix with a vector and returns the result vector.
: function(const mat: TAcMatrix): TAcMatrix;
Transposes and returns the given matrix
: function(const tx,ty,tz:single):TAcMatrix;
Returns a translation matrix.
: function(const sx,sy,sz:single):TAcMatrix;
Returns a scale matrix.
: function(const angle:single):TAcMatrix;
Returns a matrix for rotation around the X-Axis
: function(const angle:single):TAcMatrix;
Returns a matrix for rotation around the Y-Axis
: function(const angle:single):TAcMatrix;
Returns a matrix for rotation around the Z-Axis
: function(const ax, ay, az: single):TAcMatrix;
Returns a matrix for rotation around the X, Y and Z-Axis

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