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Contains messages used in various Andorra Commons units.


= 'Error while loading the file. The Andorra Common Store ' +
   'file chunk could not be found. Probably the file is corrupted or of a newer version ' +
   'of the Andorra Common Store file format. But most probably you have tried to open ' +
   'a file of an invalid/unsupported file format.';
Messages for the Andorra Common Store Classes
= 'Error while loading the file. Andorra Common Store ' +
   'found an unsupported class reference in the file you tried to load. Make sure that ' +
   'the Andorra Common Store file belongs to this application. Probably some plugins needed' +
   'to load this file are not available.';
= 'Error while loading the file. The file you tried to load ' +
   'contained a wrong data offset and may be corrupted.';
= 'Read access not possible as the stream is opened for write ' +
    'access only.';
Messages for the Andorra Commons Stream utitlities
= 'Write access not possible as the stream is opened for read ' +
    'access only.';
= 'The notify system is already initialized.';
Messages for the Andorra Commons Notify classes

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